The Proposal

We had just come home from a night of Pho with our friend Mike. I was joking around with Peter asking, “Do you want it?” not even quite sure what I meant by it. He repeated what I said, “Do you want it?” and the teasing began until we were in a physical wrestle. Out of nowhere he pulls out a box (a box he had hidden behind the tv, which was a smart choice since I never touch it) and laughs and kind of hands it to me. Of course I did not take the box because I was taken back. He pulls out a box within that box and sure enough, there was a ring. He didn’t spare a second and asked me to marry him. At this point, I still thought he was joking because we always mess around about getting married and I laughed and replied that he was just joking. He started to tear and in his baby voice, a voice of laying out his emotions and putting himself out there and asked me again. To which I replied with an ear to ear smile of a yes! Before I could even tell all my family and friends, he had raced to Facebook excitedly to announce to the world, he was going to marry me. (How cute is that?)

In an era of grand gestures, the gesture of a proposal in itself gets lost. With planned out proposals, there is a lot at stake. I won’t lie and say that the hopeless romantic in me didn’t wish for something like it; however, I felt we had the perfect proposal for us. It held its genuine role and kept its element of surprise, even for him. He wasn’t planning to ask me for a few more months, but in his excitement, he couldn’t contain himself. His sincere proposal and custom ring, made just for me, was as grand as any girl could ask for.

Did I mention his birthstone (Sapphire) is embedded in the bottom of my band? There’s my something blue!


House of Lashes Review

House of Lashes is currently doing a Family and Friends Special so I wanted to share it as well as make my review on some of their products that I have tried.

One of my favorite artists to follow always had the most beautiful eyes. When I found out what eyelashes she was using, I had to test it out myself!

The Noir Fairy is described as “This amazing multi-layered and multi-tiered lash style is packed with as much density as the eye can hold. Noir Fairy makes your lashes the focal point and draws attention so much to your eyes, that you might be remembered as unearthly, supernatural and awesomely sublime!”

I felt like the lashes were exactly as described. In hindsight, when they first arrived, I thought they might be too dramatic for my brides, but they were actually perfect! The density did not take away the elegance the lash still provided. They are actually really light for how heavy they look so no droopy eyes, ever! I haven’t used it to max capacity, so I’m not sure how many times you can use it up to. I’m sure it’s also relative to how well you take them off and clean them after each application.

The one problem I had, which I have with a lot of lashes (possibly because I kind of go towards the denser lashes) but they are not soft and bendable, making the application a little challenging. Also, when applied you can tell you are wearing false lashes, so make sure that’s something you are prepared for.

The second pair that I tried, trying to test something a little bit less dramatic than the Noir Fairy were the Pixie Luxe.

The Pixie Luxe is described as “Ethereal pixies can fly from flower to flower, but what makes their charm irresistible is the impression they leave behind. Crossing paths with that kind of magic is shown artfully in the length extending criss cross weave of Pixie Luxe lashes. Densely X layered at the roots and feathery at the ends, no other style makes your eyes look like they have their own set of wings.”

Almost the same feel as Noir, but just not with the amplified oomph in the eyes. I probably would only use these for more “natural” looks that require to come through on photographs. These are also light and have a thinner band for that more your own lashes look.

The Price is a bit high for lashes, but they are still affordable. With all the compliments you’ll receive, I think they are well worth the investment versus a $3-$5 pair. You really just have to take care of them and get the most mileage out of them as possible. All my brides, bridesmaids, and models love them and I always try to use these if I’m given a larger budget (Keep that in mind for your wedding ladies).

At the end of it all, I’m a sucker for handcrafted and quality. :]

Try a House of Lashes pair out for yourself and you might just not be able to help but splurge.

Accents @ Patchwork

The past two weekends, we returned for a second round of Patchwork shows! We had heard good and bad things about the Spring shows, but we marched forward without expectations. Santa Ana was just plain hot; however, people managed to stride and move along to shop with a smile on their face. To my amazement, Long Beach was by far one of my best shows. The atmosphere and energy was so serine and jovial and the day just passed right before my eyes. We had so many visitors that I want to THANK for continually supporting us!

Here are a few of my favorites from the shows.

So, I know every girl has had their share of stuffed animals growing up, but I have never seen anything tickle my fancy so much until I saw these two as they happen to be some of my favorite things: robots and koalas!

The robots are limited to ONLY 10! Yes folks, he only made 10! So, if you want to pick one up one of these plush robots, visit here: Matt Splanger. Even his display robot was adorable.

Jenny Smith was so nice and you could see her personality shine through in her products. She even offers custom orders (so you can pick your own fabrics to be made on the dolls) Besides Koalas, she has badgers, foxes, bears; you name it! You can shop for some here: Plush Toys.

I was really ecstatic to see vendors bringing their work tools and showing how they make their products.

Tara spins her own yarn! She got me excited when she said I could bring my husky’s hairs (as you know they shed like crazy) and she could turn it into yarn so that I can knit or crochet something out of it. Maybe a sweater for my husky? haha

These girls were battling the wind silk screening their shirts. I applaud them for keeping it together.

Some of my friends who are also partaking in the handmade movement:

Kimmy hand stamps her fabrics even before she makes her purses, wristlets, and other like accessories. Aren’t they just flawless?

The lovely ladies of Kinly hand pick their items to bring us all some vintage fab.

Above all, my favorites were my pet friends!

(Fun Fact: This happened to be our neighbor from Coachella that we ran into at the show, CA is definitely a small world!)

Here was our half booth! (Next time we will show you our full booth)

We can’t wait for the FALL! For information on the where to attend the Patchwork Shows, you can visit their website HERE.

Accents @ Unique LA

Hours and Days later, we had accomplished so much and we couldn’t be more ecstatic. It started with a mere application to Unique LA, not expecting much as we are so new into the game we knew we should expect some shortfalls along the way. Fortunately for us, we didn’t get disregarded this time and was accepted into the show. With only 2 Patchworks trade shows under our belts, we knew we had to make some changes and develop our image as we are now “playing with the big kids”.

We started building a booth that to no avail, did not meet our requirements. With so much time and money invested, we made the hard decision to scrap the idea and start fresh after talking with the guys at True American Grain even with just two weeks left until the show. Their shop was being renovated so there was so much there to get inspired by and their easy going and helpful personalities made us feel like this was the right decision, a decision later, that paid off. We discussed our vision and a week later, they executed what was almost perfection in our eyes.

With the new booth made, it did not coordinate and flow well with our previous furniture pieces we used in the past. We scoured craigslists, swapmeets, thrift stores and found some pretty neat trunks and ammo crates! Still we needed shelves so we decided to take this upon ourselves and built shelves with pipes.  I will be doing a “how to” post later in the week if you’d like to see how those were made.

Now, the last layer to the booth. If you saw in my previous post, the photos were done for this show a week before. We were quite lucky to have Beth and Johnny come help us model our products as we had two other models bail on us the morning of the shoot. Talk about heighten stress levels. I did the hair, makeup, styling and Peter did all the photography. We had them printed in metallic on foam by Irvine Digital Photo, and they were flawless.

Here is what our booth looked like before:

Here it is after our renovation:
We shared our booth with a friend of mine (Hallo Jak). (Sorry for the nonclarity, as we were in a rush both days we forgot our cameras! Yep, BOTH times)

We only had split seconds to go browse the other 325 plus vendors. Here are some folks we loved!
Our neighbors: MNKR

Will soon to be collaborating with: Paddington Co. (Excited :])

Other Vendors:




















Our overall experience was amazing! After the long hours of labor of dragging 7 metal/wood walls between the both of us through hallways and up elevators, it was worth it. Everyone was always helpful even when they were busy and this definitely will not be our last Unique show.

If you missed us at Unique, find us at Patchworks May 26(Santa Ana) or June 2(Long Beach).

Accents Bow Ties and Scarves

This past weekend, I finally got to work on a new fashion shoot for my other project Accents. I took inspiration from edgy looks as we were working on a collaboration with UrbanEclectics to create the bow ties and style the shoot. All items will be made available for purchase here: Accents

I hope you like my new collection of accessories.

Want to win one of our bow ties?

1. FOLLOW: @theaccentsshop @urbaneclectics
2. REPOST any of the four photos posted in Instagram and tag @theaccentsshop @urbaneclectics
3. and HASHTAG #AccentsEclectics

Deadline and Winners will be announced May 31, 2013.

Photography: Icons Photography
Hair/Makeup/Styling: Lara Faye
Female Apparel: Tainted Kiss